Dream company

Everybody has a dream job, I think. Mine is work in the cosmetics industry.

Why? Because I would love to work with a product that you sell for a person that is buying it for somebody that they love or because they want to feel better.

I mean, if a girl goes to a MAC store or Sephora, for example, she has a party and she wants to impress other people, she wants to feel pretty and those products will help her. Or a father, that goes for a gift to his young daughter, she is so special to him and he will trust in a cosmetic store to give something that will make her happy.

People buy cosmetics, perfums and all these beauty products because they want, not necessarily because they need. At least is what I think. So, I would like to convince these people that the brand that I am working for is good enough to make this girl feels the more beautiful of the party and this daughter smile and give her father a big hug.

I have a dream company in Brazil, and it is called Natura Cosmetics (http://www.natura.com.br/). I admire its values, the opinion and I think that the advertisings are really beautiful.

I have an example here. Well, is in Portuguese, but I explain. Is for hair products: shampoo, conditioner and all these things. The girls are totally different from each other, and they sing that no matter what type of your hair, it can be curly, straight, short, long, blond, red, you have to feel comfortable and beautiful. And sure, there will be a Natura product that will match with your kind.

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Trying to find a job

Is being so hard to find a job in Brazil, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Today, I received a phone call, from an agency, the place was for a communication analyst (that’s me!), advanced level of English (me again!), MBA, excelent in Portuguese grammar, expert in social media platforms (me, me and me!), experience in communications (God, me!) and… fluent in Spanish (what?). No, it wasn’t me, although I speak and understand some Spanish (and I’m studying already), I am not fluent, “sorry lady! I am not your girl!”.

Ok, I have a lot of qualifications, but even this way, I was not good enough for this position. Oh my Dear Lord…. I keep improving, improving, but seems that is always missing something.

I don’t know how it is in another countries, because I could not apply for a job in Canada os States while I was there (didn’t have a work permit). But I wonder if is that hard.

I tried to argue with the girl: “Ok! I have A, B, C, D and E… can we make a deal and let F to be done? After I am IN your company? I am already studying Spanish.” Course the answer was “No, I’m sorry”.

Ok, let’s keep studying and applying… Studying and applying… ‘Till something beautiful happens! Yes, ’cause I still believe! 🙂

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After a while…

Hey everyone, I was already missing my blog posts! Well, when you move from a country to another, you usually take a while to get used to, again. But, here I am. I will not stop blogging!

I came back to Brazil, spent the holidays with my family (very happy for it) and my dog Anne is closer to me than never, every time I go take a shower or something, she is there! Maybe she thinks that I will enter in the bathroom and runaway (don’t know how) to Canada again, so she always goes with me, for precaution LOL.

I am still looking for a formal job, but I am already working. I’ve been teaching English, doing some translations (English to Portuguese) and still studying a lot. I miss Canada so much, I had a real good time there and I will never forget. It completely changed my life, for sure! I know my friends from Canada are in a real cold weather right now, so I would like to share how we are here in Brazil, don’t know if it is good, anyway… LOL.


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Faces of Toronto

This video is to show how Toronto has million of different faces. You can find people from everywhere and, as I say in the video, if you open your heart you will change your life, completely!

Hope my friends enjoy. Thank you for letting me use the pictures! 

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Apps that can help you, when you are abroad!

In a recent article, Mashable posted which are the bests Apps for a person that is studying abroad (http://mashable.com/2013/01/16/apps-for-studying-abroad).
It was a real interesting publication and I totally agree with the ones chosen by Mashable, but I have my own tips and I would like to share. Here are the apps:

The weather channel: real good weather app, you can choose the city and it shows you at least a week. It really can keep you out of trouble of wearing the wrong clothes or forget your umbrella!


Dictionary.com: it is really helpful cause it shows the definitions, examples, similar words, defines which kind of word it is (noun, verb, adverb, adjective) and also gives you some tips!


Google translate: well, this one is real great! It helps you in your daily routine and is real quick! You can keep the last searches also.


TuneInradio: this one is an app that you use for listen to music. You can find stations from everywhere even the ones that you use to listen in your hometown! Helps you with the homesick, you can bet!


If you liked, take note! And use it on your next trip!


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Toronto: the best place for young people!

We have a Magazine in Brazil, called Exame (http://www.exame.com.br) that usually reports what is good at the moment for business, education and they always have good articles.

Last week they posted the results of the survey for the best places for young people between 15 and 29 dwell. This research was made by Decode Consulting and World Urban Forum and is called Youthfull Cities.

The winner was Toroto, followed by Berlin and New York. São Paulo is the only Brazilian in the top 20, becoming the 17th position. To choose the best cities to welcome and treat young people, the study took into account 16 criteria such as the provision of schools and universities, the enabling environment for entrepreneurship, economic stability, offering culture and transport and responsiveness to the community with young people and the gay community.

To see the all research you have to go on http://www.youthfulcities.com.

Congratulations Toronto! I agree with the result. I found excelent schools with good price, such as University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (http://learn.utoronto.ca) as I already mentioned here before, that’s true. Also, the public transportation works, yes with some problems sometimes, but takes you everywhere in the city! What is fantastic for students!

And what I think fascinating about Toronto is that you can find food from all countries, communities, is for sure a multicultural city. Very interesting.

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Surviving Decembrrrs.

Very good ideas! I’ll try, before I go back to Brazil!


In just over 48 hours it will be December 1st, or as I like to call it, ‘Decembrrr’.

Although it’s not official until December 21st (also my birthday), winter seems to have arrived. What does that mean for Torontonians? As children we play in it, as teens we’re out shoveling it and by our thirties many of us are back out there (with children) playing in it. But what about us twenty-somethings? Well, most of us are trying to make the most of it.

Decembrrr – the last month of the year, a month of extended shopping hours, holiday craziness and the beginning of hibernation.

Here are five suggested ways to avoid the Decembrrrs:

1. Skating at Nathan Phillips Square

Honestly, this is something I’ve never done, but it’s at the top of my to-do list for my first winter as an official Torontonian. In the heart of the city…

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